I have had the pleasure and challenge of leading the integration of technology into student learning for more than 25 years, the last dozen or so in British Columbia’s largest school district. As a partner in learning, I hold close the belief that technology has an increasingly crucial role in supporting and extending learning as students prepare to compete in a global economy. It’s an amazing time to be in this space. My belief guides me as I focus on developing and implementing comprehensive technology solutions that address complex and changing organizational requirements, while removing technology-use barriers and driving reliability into infrastructure.
Recent examples I can point to include leading the visioning, design and deployment of a comprehensive enterprise wireless solution as well as an on-line community, surreyschools.ca, where 70,000 students, their parents and 8, 000 employees from 144 sites come together to learn, collaborate, share ideas and communicate.

Twitter: @dj_turner
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/danjturner/

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